Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oliver Alert

I received an email today from a very nice woman who shared wtih me a lost pet alert site called Oliver Alert to post Lew's information and it can be shared on Facebook.

See Lew's posting and other lost pets at!/OliverAlert

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb 2010 - See Lew's updated flyer. We are still looking for Lew and as you know, beagles are the #1 type of dog to be found years later, so we will never give up. Please contact us when you find Lew at
Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes for Lew.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still out there

Lew is still out there somewhere. Though we haven't gotten any solid leads in a long time, we are still hopefull that one day he will show up or a tip will come in that will lead us to him. Thanks to everyone who keeps sending in tips and possible leads!!! We are following up on all of them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update from Lew's mom

This was posted in the comment section, but I am putting it here too.

"Hi Everyone - Thanks for ALL the calls, emails etc. regarding our dear Lew. Unfortunately we've still had no luck catching him. We are pretty discouraged; it's been 6 weeks! This past weekend two wonderful citizens caught two beagles, called us and one family even drove the sweet beagle to our home but alas, neither was Lew! Thanks for continuing to look for him; a recent call we got still notes that he was seen two weeks ago in the Falls Road/Wooten area with his harness and collar still on but the harness seemed to be dragging and the retractable leash is now off. If it got caught somewhere that would certainly make sense. We do hope we find him but each day he is on the loose makes it harder for us to think of this as a real possibility. Nonetheless, thanks for all your positive energy and assistance in finding Lew."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Still looking....

Not much new. Got a call about a dog last weekend that might have been Lew in the same Falls Rd/Wooten Pkwy area where he had been hanging out. But the caller wasn't able to give much details, so we aren't sure if it was him or another dog. Other than that, no new sightings recently. We will be out searching and flyering this weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

SIGHTING: 4/25/09 6:00pm

Someone called to report that they had just seen Lew around Wootten Pkwy and Falls Rd at 6pm on Saturday. The owner went out right away to try to find him, but he is elusive. Based on this sighting, it does appear the Lew is hanging out and circling in that general area. We are going to get more flyers up there, set up some feeding stations and put the trap over there. Keep your fingers crossed.

SIGHTING: 4/25/09

Someone reported seeing Lew Saturday the 25th at around 12:45 at the corner of Rollins Rd and Congressional. This is the first real-time sighting we have gotten. The owner went out and looked and called, but no luck.