Sunday, April 26, 2009

SIGHTING: 4/25/09 6:00pm

Someone called to report that they had just seen Lew around Wootten Pkwy and Falls Rd at 6pm on Saturday. The owner went out right away to try to find him, but he is elusive. Based on this sighting, it does appear the Lew is hanging out and circling in that general area. We are going to get more flyers up there, set up some feeding stations and put the trap over there. Keep your fingers crossed.

SIGHTING: 4/25/09

Someone reported seeing Lew Saturday the 25th at around 12:45 at the corner of Rollins Rd and Congressional. This is the first real-time sighting we have gotten. The owner went out and looked and called, but no luck.

SIGHTING: 4/20-24/09

Someone called to report seeing Lew sometime last week around the Jewish school at the corner of Falls Rd and Fall Chapel Way.


This is an old sighting, but still useful to figure out his path. Someone reported seeing Lew cross Montrose Rd around Falls Rd on 4/9/09.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not much new to report

There have been no new sightings of Lew this week, despite our flyering efforts last weekend. Chances are he has moved into a different area or maybe has been hiding out due to the rain. Will continue flyering this weekend. If you can help, email me at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend update

The latest from the weekend...

A small group of people were out flyering all over on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we focused on the area around Arglye since two people had spotted him there the previous weekend. We also set out a trap there and were monitoring it. On Saturday afternoon, Lew's owner talked with a guy who had seen Lew around Wooten Pkwy and Falls Road, so on Sunday we concentrated on flyering that area.

Sunday morning, we got an email from someone who had seen a dog running loose around the corner of Kelsey and Milboro roads, which is close to Wooten and Falls Rd. We are trying to confirm whether that was Lew or not.

We are hoping the flyering might generate some more current leads. Right now, it feels like the flyering effort is following the dog, which isn't how it is supposed to work :) Hopefully, he will find an area to settle down in and we can come up with a plan to trap him.

SIGHTING 4/16/09

While out flyering, Lew's owner was chased down by a guy who had seen Lew around the corner of Wooten Pky and Falls Road on Thursday. They tried to catch him, but he ran away.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Caught the neighbors cat

When I went to check the trap one last time and shut it down for the night, I found the neighbors cat in it. It was one we had seen wondering around. I never saw a cat run so fast when I let it out, so hopefully it has learned it's lesson and will stay away. We really want Lew to be in the trap...

Flyering this weekend

We are going to try to get lots and lots of flyers up this weekend. If anyone can help, I will be at the Twinbrook Elemetary School, near the daycare center (near the corner of Ardennes and Stillwell) at 11am on Saturday and Sunday. I will have flyers, tape, maps, etc. If you can help, email me at or call 301-537-2158.

SIGHTING 4/11/09 or 4/12/09

Shortly after receiving that last email about the sighting on E. Argyle Street, we got another email from someone who had seen Lew on W. Argyle Street while walking her dog. She, too, said that he was still wearing his harness and dragging a leash and bolted away as soon as he saw them. This is GREAT news. Lets hope for some more good sightings this weekend when people are home from work!!

SIGHTING 4/11/09

Someone emailed to say that they had seen Lew in their backyard on Saturday afternoon (4/11/09)!!!! He heard something in the bushes and saw Lew with his red collar and harness. He was also dragging a leash, though he couldn't tell if it was the whole retractable leash or if the leash part had broken or been chew through and the plastic handle part was gone. This was the first confirmed sighting we have had of Lew since he went missing!!! The sighting was on E. Argyle Street and Lew went running into the woods as soon as they tried to approach him.

Even though the sighting was a couple of days old, we decided to move the trap out that way in case Lew has decided he likes that area and is still hanging out there. We are fairly certain that Lew is no longer in the area where the trap had been so it wasn't doing much there anymore. BIG THANKS TO THE HOMEOWNERS WHO LET US USE THEIR PROPERTIES FOR THE TRAP!!!!

The person who emailed us heard about Lew through an email list, I think the Rockville Connections or something similar. Thanks to whoever posted him there! We are still getting flyers up, but that can be slow going with so much area to cover, so if anyone else can post to community email lists, that would be wonderful!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


A reward is now being offered for Lew's return. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If you call in a sighting that leads to his capture, you will also get the reward. Please help us find him!!!

Possible SIGHTING 4/12/09

We got an email from someone who had seen the back of a beagle around the corner of Jefferson and Rollins this past Sunday. She couldn't say for sure if it was Lew or not, but this is right across Rockville Pike from where he was lost. We are going to get out there and flyer that area and see if we get any other calls.

Findtoto calls

1500 findtoto calls went out Tuesday night. No calls or leads from them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tracker, false sightings, and other updates

Sunday afternoon after we got the sighting at the church at the corner of Rockland and Ridgeway, I was driving around the area to see if I could find anything. Didn't sight Lew, but as I drove past the church one time, I noticed a brown daschund that was hanging out in the area of the supposed Lew sighting. Got out of my car to try to catch it. It immediately started barking at me and then ran into some bushes. I carefully started to peek into the bushes and noticed that there was a hole in the fence behind the bushes and the dog was gone. At this point, we think the supposed Lew sightings were actually this dog. Lew doesn't seem like the kind of dog who would start barking at someone and we had wondered about that when the person who called in the sighting had told us Lew was barking at him.

The trap hasn't caught anything (and yes, I think it is set correctly now). Something is eating the chicken McNuggets though. Probably all the birds around there.

Monday morning, we had Laura Totis and her tracking dog, Chewy, come out. We started at the trap area where the last sighting had been. We did get some indication that he had been in the area, but never a solid track. That information, along with the lack of recent sightings and no luck with the trap, lead us to believe that he may no longer be in that area.

Stopped by the Montgomery County Humane Society on my way home. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that he wasn't at the shelter or in any of the found reports. The goods news is that he isn't in any of the DOA reports either.

Right now, we need to expand our flyering efforts to see if we can figure out where he is hanging out. If you can help, email me at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Caught two dogs, but not Lew

As I was out posting flyers this morning, we got the call about the noon sighting at Rockland and Ridgeway. I started driving around the area to see if I might be able to spot Lou. No such luck, but as I was driving by the elementry school, near the sightings at Stillwell and Ardennes, I saw a big black lab mix wondering around the school yard. Luckily, she was pretty friendly and with the help of some tasty treats I was able to lure and catch her. She had a license tag on him with a phone number scratched in the back. I called the number, but no one was home. I didn't have an address where she lived, so I was thinking I would have to take her to the shelter. Luckily, though, the number was a home number and I called a friend, who was able to look up the address. As I was talking to her, I noticed another dog who was wondering in the same area as the lab! Yikes! Making the assumption that they escaped from the same yard, I took the lab over to her and tried to get her. She was a bit more timid, but eventually decided she liked the treats enouph for me to get a leash on her. She too had a tag with the same number as the black dog. So we went off to find the house. No one was home, but one of the neighbors had a key to the house and was able to let them in.

Grrrr!! Trap malfunction

Apparently, I set the trap wrong yesterday. Still not sure how, but two of the other people searching for Lew checked the trap and actually went up to it (it can be seen from the road, so most of the time we are just driving by to make sure it was still open). All of the food that we had put in the trap was gone, but it didn't go off. They reset the trap the right way and rebaited it. Grrr!!

If it was Lew that ate the food yesterday, hopefully, he will check back again tonight and we can catch him this time.

(false) SIGHTING 4/12/09 noon

Two different people reported seeing Lou at a church at the corner of Rockland and Ridgeway. One of the people was the same person who sighted Lou at that location yesterday. He said Lou would bark at him and not allow him to come close. The other person said Lou ran off across Rockland and up Stanley.

UPDATE 4/14/09 - we now think this was a false sighting.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

searching 4/11/09 evening

A couple of people were out searching for Lew tonight. I was hoping that with the rain this morning, he might have taken cover and then been more active tonight looking for food. But no additional sightings.

(false) SIGHTING: 4/11/09 3:00pm

There was a sighting today at around 3pm at the corner of Rockland and Ridgeway. This is VERY close to where Lew was lost.

UPDATE 4/14/09 - we now think this was a false sighting.

Trap has been set.

A trap has been set at the corner of Stillwell and Ardennes, where the two sighting have been. Lets hope Lew is still around there and goes in! If anyone can help with additional flyering tommorrow (Sunday), email me at

Friday, April 10, 2009

SIGHTING: 4/9/09 7:15pm

There was a sighting of Lew at around 7:15pm Thursday at the same intersection as the last one (Stillwell and Ardennes). There is a school in that area and with it being spring break this week, it is very quiet there right now. We are bring a trap out there tommorrow morning. If he is hanging out in that area, hopefully we can catch him before school begins again.

SIGHTING: 4/6/09 at 6pm

There was a sighting of Lew at around 6pm at the corner of Stillwell and Ardennes.

Lew is LOST!

Lew is a 28lb, male beagle who is lost in the Twinbrook section of Rockville, MD. He was being walked when he suddenly bolted after a rabbit and the leash slipped out of his owner's hand. He was lost on April 4th, 2009 at around 6pm after having been just adopted the day before. He doesn't yet know the area. Please help us find him!

Lew has a mostly brown head with a lot of black on his back and white speckled legs. He was last seen wearing a red collar with a name tag, rabies tag, and microchip tag. He is microchipped (AVID #020A632*323). He also had on a red harness with a red retractable leash in tow. It is possible that he may have slipped out of the harness by now, particularly if the leash has gotten caught on something.

Lew is very shy around people. If you see him, please DO NOT chase. You may be able to lure him to you with food. He also knows sit, so you can try telling him to sit and then slowly approaching him.

He was lost around the intersection of Rockland Ave. and Lewis Ave. If you have any information or have seen him, please call 301-816-2976 or email We really need SIGHTINGS of him so we can determine where he is hanging out.