Friday, May 8, 2009

Still looking....

Not much new. Got a call about a dog last weekend that might have been Lew in the same Falls Rd/Wooten Pkwy area where he had been hanging out. But the caller wasn't able to give much details, so we aren't sure if it was him or another dog. Other than that, no new sightings recently. We will be out searching and flyering this weekend.

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  1. Hi Everyone - Thanks for ALL the calls, emails etc. regarding our dear Lew. Unfortunately we've still had no luck catching him. We are pretty discouraged; it's been 6 weeks! This past weekend two wonderful citizens caught two beagles, called us and one family even drove the sweet beagle to our home but alas, neither was Lew! Thanks for continuing to look for him; a recent call we got still notes that he was seen two weeks ago in the Falls Road/Wooten area with his harness and collar still on but the harness seemed to be dragging and the retractable leash is now off. If it got caught somewhere that would certainly make sense. We do hope we find him but each day he is on the loose makes it harder for us to think of this as a real possibility. Nonetheless, thanks for all your positive energy and assistance in finding Lew.